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A (very old) rhyming game. Starting from a single line (e.g. "There once was a man from Nantucket"), players (in teams) take turns to come up with a line that rhymes with the previous one. The game continues until one team fails to come up with an appropriate line.


Single-word Crambo

One player comes up with a word and tells the others what it rhymes with. The others do not name the actual word they guess, but describe its meaning. Thus one might say, "I know a word that rhymes with bird." A second asks, "Is it ridiculous?" "No, it is not absurd." "Is it a group of cows?" "No, it is not a herd." This proceeds until the right word is guessed.

Dumb Crambo

The guessers, instead of trying to name the rhyme being given them as a clue, express its meaning by acting the word without speaking in the manner of Charades.