Grandmother's Footsteps

Source: traditional?

One player is Grandma, and stands at one end of the room facing away from the other players. The other players stand at the other end of the room and have to try and tap Grandma on the shoulder.

Grandma can tun around at any moment. If they turn around and see someone moving, they point to that player and the player has to go back to the start.


Little Red Riding Hood

Source: Abertay folk games workshop; James Morwood

Same as above, only Grandma is a WOLF. In addition to the above rules, Grandma/THE WOLF can at any time shout "DINNERTIME!" and chase the players. If they catch someone, they become Grandma/THE WOLF.

Dress up for Grandma

Source: Drama Resource

Same rules as above, plus: Put some hats, wigs, scarves, shoes, handbags or other items of Grandma costume on the floor. Make it a rule that you have to put on a hat or an item of clothing before you tap Grandma on the shoulder.