How Do You Do?

Source: Woodcraft Folk Games Games Games

Players sit in a circle with 1 fewer chairs than there are players, with wide spaces between the chairs. One player walks around the outside of the circle and picks an adjacent pair of players by touching them both on the shoulder.

These 2 players leave their chairs and move outside the circle, while the original outside player sits on one of the vacated chairs. The 2 players then shake hands 3 times, saying "How do you do?" each time. They then run round the circle in opposite directions, attempting to be the first one back to the empty chair.

When they meet each other half way round the circle, they have to shake hands 3 times again, this time saying "Very well thank you" each time.

The player without the chair then chooses 2 new players.


How to move

The player choosing people may also instruct them on how to move around the circle, for example - an astronaut on the moon, ballet dancer, elephant, etc.